Real Estate Appraisals matter in Colorado Divorces

In Highlands Ranch, and throughout Colorado, a divorce requires many complex issues to attend to, and sometimes addressing the real estate owned by the family, and how this property will be divided, is the most difficult part.  A professional real estate appraisal is a very important tool to have at one’s disposal during this process.

Because parties may widely disagree about the value of real estate, an appraisal provides a value that can be used in court and is therefore very helpful to resolve any such differences of opinion, which only helps the settlement process.  Usually, in a divorcing couple, one of the parties is intent on keeping the marital home and “buying out” the other party.  In such a case, an appraisal is almost absolutely necessary to ensure that the buy out value is fair and equitable to both sides.  Or, if the divorcing couple agrees to sell the marital home and divide the proceeds, having a professional appraisal can help everyone plan for the future, so that each party can specifically plan for the amount of money they expect to receive out of the sale.

All throughout the southern part of the Denver metro area, including Highlands Ranch, the home prices have been gone up at an unprecedented rate, and this has affected the way that divorcing couples in Highlands Ranch have handled their divorce case.  Working with a professional real estate appraisal is yet another important tool for the parties to consider using in this process.

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