Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a type of criminal offense that affects a large number of people in the state of Colorado and elsewhere. The amount of prosecutions have greatly increased during the past few decades. When the police are called to a house in response to a fight or altercation between married or domestic partners, it usually results in one of the persons being arrested.
Getting arrested or charged for domestic violence entails things that need to be addressed right away. It often involves the issuance of an automatic restraining order against the accused person, keeping them from coming back to their own home until the court allows it, which may not happen for a long time. In the meantime, the accused person will obviously have to live elsewhere, and be forced to be away from his or her family for a long period of time. The person may be allowed back at the home for a quick visit (accompanied by law enforcement personnel) in order to obtain clothes or personal possessions, but those can be difficult to schedule quickly.
Getting convicted for a domestic violence offense can have long-standing effects, affecting the person accused for potentially the rest of his or her life. Contact the Attorneys of Highlands Ranch to discuss your case with Ms. Town today.

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