Schedule the Next Mediation for Your Client on a Weekend

People involved in a family law, divorce, or child custody case usually have to mediate their case prior to scheduling a contested hearing.  This applies throughout Colorado in almost every county.  This applies to both permanent orders hearings or temporary orders hearings in Douglas County.  That is why, in many pre-decree divorce or allocation of parental responsibilities cases, the parties in many cases have to mediate their case twice prior to the permanent orders hearing.

32The Attorneys of Highlands Ranch LLC is ready to assist parties with busy weekly schedules by offering mediations on the weekend.  Heidi Town, Esq., can either travel to the attorneys’ offices or can hold the mediation session at an office that best fits the parties’ current locations.  Going through a divorce or family law case carries a huge financial burden on both parties, and the added time away from their work schedule can cause even further financial harm.  Next time, consider scheduling your client’s mediation on a weekend as a way to keep him or her from having to miss work unnecessarily.  Please contact Heidi Town today to schedule a low-cost mediation for your client.