About Heidi Town

Ms. Heidi Town is a very experienced criminal defense attorney who started her career in Washington, DC. Even in law school, she was very committed to fighting for defendants’ rights. She interned with the Montgomery County PD in Maryland as well as the prestigious Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia, Handling cases against the United States Attorney’s Office. After school she came to Colorado and worked for The Colorado Public Defender’s Office before joining a prestigious private criminal defense firm in downtown Denver. She decided that people need quality representation and that many people were unable to afford representation from a quality professional, and her goal became to help people as efficiently as possible with the least financial cost. It is true that quality legal service is costly and for sometimes with good cause, depending on the amount of research, discovery, investigation and negotiations that may need to occur. However, in taking advantage of the digital age and using referrals more than advertising, Ms. Town can provide the same quality defense that you can get from an expensive downtown Denver firm in a more convenient south Denver location.

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