Located in Beautiful Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Town & Town LLC, The Attorneys of Highlands Ranch is based in the beautiful community of Highlands Ranch, Colorado.  It is centrally located between the courts in Arapahoe, Douglas, Jefferson and Denver counties. Highlands Ranch is an unincorporated district of Douglas County, Colorado, and contains close to 100,000 residents.  If it were to be incorporated as a municipality, it would come close to ranking as one of the top ten largest cities in Colorado.

Jeff and Heidi Town have lived in Highlands Ranch as attorneys since 2007.  Town and Town LLC is ready to assist you in your family law, divorce, child custody, or criminal defense case.  For more information, contact us today.


Divorce and Family Law Representation

Jeff and Heidi Town have years of combined experience representing clients in:
Child Custody
Property Division and Spousal Support Modifications

Town and Town LLC, the Attorneys of Highlands Ranch offers
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• Evening and Weekend Hours, in addition to regular hours during the week
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Years of Legal Experience Ready to Assist You

Jeff Town has been a licensed attorney since 2003, and he joins Heidi Town, who has been an attorney since 2006, as Town & Town LLC.  The attorneys have years of experience helping individuals and families facing divorce, entering child custody matters, and deal with the defense of criminal charges.  Jeff Town and Heidi Town practice both family law and criminal defense in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

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Experts in Colorado Divorce Cases

It is typical for a divorce case to involve expert witnesses of some kind. Often times there is a need for an expert witness to assist in preparation for trial, but in many situations experts are retained to help a case settle ahead of trial.

The cost of expert witnesses can vary greatly depending on type of expertise needed and the amount of work that is entailed. A simple home appraisal can be done by an expert for just several hundreds of dollars. A very in-depth forensic accounting, on the other hand, may cost tens of thousands of dollars. Whether a party decides to spend money on experts depends usually on how many stones they wish to overturn, because the cost can be substantial.

Experts are also used to determine non-financial issues in a case as well. A child and family investigator is an expert witness that is typically appointed to assist in child custody disputes. There are many other types of expert witnesses that can be retained to determine specific issues when the parties’ child custody is in dispute as well.

In Colorado, there are specific rules governing the use of experts in a family law case. The local application of the rules differ in each of the counties as well. In Douglas County, Colorado, the family law court will always issue a case management order setting forth any additional local requirements on the process.