Filing for Divorce During the COVID Era

Deciding when to file for divorce is a difficult decision. The COVID pandemic has made this decision even more difficult for many people. Not only do you face the typical questions such as who resides in the house while divorce proceeding is open, but it must be determined: how does the Coronvirus effect the handling of the case? Will I be able to meet my attorney in person? What about the judge? These are questions where the answers are changing daily.  The difference in the answers to these questions between March and the present are stark in many ways.

So far what we have seen is that most courts in family law, divorce and child custody cases have been able to conduct the majority of matters online. A typical first step in your case is meeting with and choosing an attorney. While all firms are handling this differently, here at Town & Town LLC, we are willing to work with our clients in whatever way suits them best. Following guidance from both Colorado leadership and our local Douglas County leadership, we are trying to handle matters remotely whenever possible. While we are in the office, we are happy to conduct meetings with our clients from the comfort of their homes. This includes even initial consultations. At first we were worried that we wouldn’t be able to make that connection with our client like we typically do, but we are finding that in many ways this is actually easier for clients. The advantages of having client meetings online often means less missed work time for the client. Also, we have found that talking from home the client has all their needed paperwork at arms length. That being said, we are very much aware how difficult and emotional a divorce can be, and if you prefer to meet in person, we are doing everything we can to keep our clients safe. Our building does have mask requirements that complies fully with State law. We are taking every step we can to help ensure our clients stay safe and still get the same high quality legal representation they deserve. As our current clients know, our dedication to providing the absolute best legal representation has never wavered. Even as we face COVID, we are here fighting for you!

Other steps in the process, such as mediation are being handled remotely as well.  As attorneys deeply committed to getting the best results for our clients, our initial concern was whether we could advocate at the same level online as we do in-person, we are happy to say we can. We have even seen that clients not having to go into the courthouse or mediator’s office are feeling less anxiety at the integral steps of the divorce proceedings. Being in the comfort of your home, or your attorney’s office, has allowed many clients to feel more relaxed. Prior to COVID, we have seen clients leave court having not fully understanding what the judge said, having been overwhelmed from the setting and how quickly the judges sometimes make rulings. In this new remote world, there can be more flexibility for us to communicate with our clients, even during the proceedings themselves. As we practice primarily in Denver County, Douglas County, Arapahoe County, and Jefferson County, we have seen very comparable practices in all of the Colorado jurisdictions.

The best way to address your specific divorce or child custody questions is to just call us for a consultation. Each case and each client is different, with his or her own unique challenges and problems that they are facing. But know that Town & Town LLC has many years of experience and remain a top rated law firm in divorce, child custody, as well as our long-standing criminal defense practice. We believe our success comes from listening to you, the client, and taking the time to see what your specific family law case needs are. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your questions about your family law case. We are here and ready to help!

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