Juvenile Delinquency Representation

The number of children charged with criminal offenses and brought into the juvenile justice system in Colorado has greatly increased during the past few decades. Adults who have a child that unfortunately becomes involved in the juvenile justice system are typically going to be surprised by the gravity of what their child is charged with. What may seem like a minor offense may be easily classified as a very serious felony. Children are getting arrested for a lot of things that decades ago would have never resulted in charges being filed.
Heidi Town understands the seriousness of the juvenile justice system. She will work with your child and you to find the best possible outcome and help your family move past this ordeal. Because Ms. Town has designed a firm that really allows for personal and case specific representation, she is readily available for the many questions that often arise in juevinile cases. Ms. Town also is a zealous advocate who truly cares about getting the best outcome for each and every client. Having been a public defender she has seen some of the wrrst cases and knows the importance of handling the case the right way from the beginning. If your child has been charges, even with a seemingly minor offence, call the Attorneys of Highlands ranch to help you.

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