Heidi Town

HeidiHeidi went to law school in Washington D.C with a love for law and policy and a desire to help. Once Heidi got a taste for trials and criminal defense she decided that was her true passion. Heidi prides herself on my zealous advocacy and her desire to always fight for her clients’ rights. She has been a Public Defender and in private practice. Since 2013, she developed another passion for mediation. Her experience in family law and criminal defense are both tools she uses in mediation. Just as with criminal defense, she really enjoys the feeling of helping people in need. Her desire to help people who are working through a hard time in their lives is why she got into law in the first place. She is always happy to talk to her clients and answer any questions they may have. So whether you are faced with criminal charges or going through a divorce, or both, Heidi looks forward to working with you.