Driving Under the Influence (DUI/DWAI)

The drunk driving laws are always a major source of controversy in Colorado and elsewhere. Practically every year, the legislature enacts changes in how DUIs and DWAIs are charged, prosecuted, and penalized, and those changes are generally to make the laws more strict against drivers and make DUIs and DWAIs easier for law enforcement to prosecute. Getting a conviction for a DUI or DWAI carries a very unique set of repercussions for a person. With the laws getting more strict against convicts, having a DUI or DWAI has changed quite a bit from being what used to be viewed as merely a “hassle” into being a major life-changing event for a person.

Getting a conviction for a DUI or DWAI almost always will cause the following:

– Loss of driving privileges for a period of time (this often occurs even before the conviction enters)
– Being on probation, supervised by a probation officer
– Having to take alcohol classes and therapy
– Having to do community service

The above issues don’t even take into account the jail time that comes with getting a conviction if you already have multiple DUIs or DWAIs on your record. Jail time is always a possibility for a first offense as well.

If you are charged with a DUI or DWAI, there are certain steps that should be taken immediately, because the potential loss of your driving privileges is handled ahead of time by the Division of Motor Vehicles in an administrative process handled entirely separately from the actual court case. Our attorneys can handle both the criminal court case and the separate administrative hearing held by the Division of Motor Vehicles, as long as she can retained soon enough to advise you on that process.

If you are charged with a DUI or DWAI, call the Attorneys of Highlands Ranch to help you right away. Not all criminal charges need to end in a guilty plea or a conviction of anything. We understand that clients need to be sure of what their options are before they should decide how to proceed in their case. We will ensure that you fully understand both the driver’s license and DUI/DWAI criminal process so that you can be in charge of whether your case should be taken to trial. Navigating a criminal case can be very difficult for a person to deal with alone.

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