Divorce Can Take a Toll on Everyone

Divorce cases in Douglas and Arapahoe Counties of Colorado have become much more streamlined by the particular judges and magistrates handling them, and while five years ago cases used to take upwards of 12 months or more from the date of filing until the final hearing, that time frame has shortened considerably to less than six months in most cases.  But regardless of whether a divorce case takes as little as the statutory 92 days or considerably longer, a divorce case takes a toll on everyone involved, both financially and emotionally.

People involved in a dissolution of marriage case in Colorado often times wait a long time before filing, because contemplating the end of one’s marriage is a difficult decision to make.  Once the filing happens, parties usually want to get the process moving forward as quickly as possible.

The danger is for a party to give up too easily and neglect to arrive at a settlement that is fair to all parties.  Giving in to an unfair agreement too quickly can lead to an agreement that is literally unworkable.

In our experience, we have seen many clients dealing with a post-decree Colorado case that they need to modify because it is simply unreasonable.  At Town & Town, we can help a divorced party modify the court’s orders to the extent possible.  But the best time to ensure that a divorce settlement is fair and not in need of change is to get it right the first time.  It is very important to have access to legal counsel to ensure that your divorce separation agreement or parenting plan is right for you and your situation.

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