Dealing with the Marital Home in a Divorce Case

Sometimes dealing with the family home is the hardest part about resolving a divorce case.  In a divorce with children, sometimes both parties feel attached to the home because the children are tied to the rooms and place that they grew up in.  Since the parties cannot share a home after divorcing, the parties, and, sometimes, the court, is ultimately required to decide what happens to the family home.  Solutions can be difficult but are not impossible to reach.  Many times, the best option is for both parties to agree to place the home for sale and split the proceeds.  Or, if the parties agree to let one of the parties keep the home, the other party would “buy out” his or her interest in the home.  These sorts of provisions, however, require very specific safeguards to keep both parties from being financially taken advantage of.  If you have a divorce case in Denver, Arapahoe, Douglas, Jefferson, or El Paso county, please contact us if you have more questions about your case involving your family home.

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