Mediation is sometimes the best opportunity to communicate

Mediation is a tool for resolving, potentially, all issues in a divorce, child custody, or family law case, but sometimes based on the situation it can resolve only some of the specific issues in the parties’ case.  However, one of the benefits of mediation is that it can allow a level of communication between the parties that the parties would have otherwise not had.  Even when parties are represented by attorneys, it can be hard for the parties to communicate to discuss issues issues pertaining to the marriage or the children.  Divorce, child custody, and family law cases can be very contentious, and when the parties are trying to discuss an issue it is hard to keep emotions from getting in 14the way of communication.  Sometimes it is difficult for the parties to be able to communicate directly at all without it turning into an argument.  Since parties in a Colorado divorce, family law, or child custody case are usually required to mediate their case, the mediation session is sometimes the best opportunity to communicate their honest concerns and wishes about their case.  In mediation, the parties are usually separated, and the mediator ensures that only healthy communication is made between the parties.  The parties can come to a much stronger level of understanding of each other because of the positive communication that is made during the mediation process.  This ultimately makes settlement of the case more likely.  Contact Heidi Town, experienced lawyer mediator, to get you there.

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