The Divorce Process and Reconciliation

18We believe parties involved in a divorce case should make every effort possible to reconcile their marriage.  We want to make every effort possible to encourage the parties to reconcile.  Especially if the parties have minor children.  Children almost always benefit when their parents don’t divorce.

Unfortunately, the divorce process does not lend itself to ensuring that the parties make a solid attempt to reconcile.  When you file a case in Douglas County, for example, you will receive a “case management order” containing multiple pages of information.  There’s nothing in that packet that discusses reconciliation.  The same is true for most other counties in Colorado that we have seen.

But the fact is, the Court does not want to get in the way of reconciling your marriage.  If you and your spouse want to put the case on “hold” in order to try and reconcile, the Court will usually let it happen.  It’s unfortunate that a lot of people won’t know that unless they ask.  And unless you have an attorney you may not know how to ask.  Sometimes mediation is necessary just for the parties to communicate, and it may be through the mediation process that one party finally communicates their intention to try and reconcile.  We aren’t licensed therapists, so we can’t help you reconcile your marriage.  But we might be able to help you find a good marriage counselor.

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