What if mediation does not work?

11Sometimes the parties just can’t find a way to agree to everything.  But it is important to remember that even if the mediation does not result in a settlement of the entire case right away, it is still almost always a productive endeavor.  Sometimes the mediation helps the parties communicate; even though the parties may not agree to everything right off the bat, it is a chance for the parties to at least hear each other out and understand the positions and the concerns of the other side, and assist in the communication that needed to go on between the parties.  Sometimes the mediation results in an agreement but not until several days or weeks down the road; one of the parties may have just needed some time to think about what the other side wanted, and was not able to come to an agreement on it without giving it some thought.  This is a common result.  Also, sometimes the mediation was just unsuccessful to resolve the case completely, but it allowed the parties to at least agree on some of the many issues between the parties, which allowed the case to become much more simplified.

The fact is, it is a relatively rare occurrence when a mediation session just plainly does not work.  It is almost always a value-producing endeavor.  At the Attorneys of Highlands Ranch, Heidi Town’s mediation services are a very affordable way to bring the parties together at a time and date that best fits their schedules.  Contact Heidi today to see what we can offer.

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