My spouse wants to divorce me. Now what?

There’s a disclaimer on the front page of this website, but I will paraphrase it here before we begin to answer this question.  I am an attorney but I am not your attorney, and we don’t have an attorney-client relationship.  This is not legal advice.  It can’t be, since we haven’t talked about your particular case and circumstances.  In order to get actual legal advice, you need to speak to an attorney in a face-to-face, confidential setting.

15Okay.  So your spouse wants to divorce you.  Here are some tips, which are by no means exhaustive:

1.  Stay calm and don’t panic.  This is easier said than done, I know.  But if you’re not thinking clearly you might do something you regret.

2.  Feel free and try and engage with your spouse, but only do so if you and your spouse can be civil and respectful with each other.  Otherwise take some time before your do it.  Obviously, if you have children, you and your spouse need to be in contact with each other to make sure the children’s needs are always met.  Make sure your children are safe and give them your attention, regardless of what your spouse is doing.

3.  Talk to an attorney.  The court system in Colorado tries to do what it can to let people get a divorce without an attorney, because an attorney can be costly.  But not having an attorney is very risky.  And there’s no way to get rid of the fear of the unknown other than by having an attorney you can consult with.  There may be some immediate strategies you can undertake to protect yourself, your children, your assets and your family.  Some attorneys may give you a free consultation and free advice.  Some attorneys will pay you hourly for upfront advice on your case, without you having to retain them.  Paying $200 to $300 for an hour of an attorney’s time is usually worth the money.

When it comes time to schedule your mediation, feel free to contact our office.  If a divorce is inevitable, mediation is a way to control the outcome of your case without having to confront your spouse directly.  We want to help you through this process.

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