Is your divorce really non-contested?

14This is sort of building on what I posted yesterday.  There’s a lot of usage nowadays of the term “non-contested” divorce.  In some states, attorneys can represent both parties at the same time when a divorce is non-contested, and earn their fees putting the agreement in writing.  Even in those states where such attorney conduct is not legal, you can go online and have any number of internet services put the divorce forms together for you, with the only qualification that your divorce is non-contested.  Is your divorce really non-contested?  Or is it just that you aren’t sure what the right outcome should be?

Sometimes one spouse is just putting pressure on the other spouse to agree to everything even when he or she (it can affect men or women equally) doesn’t want to.  Sometimes one spouse thinks an outcome is fair and refuses to accept that the other side wants to talk it over with an attorney just to find out if it’s reasonable.  Or if there’s anything they missed.

It never hurts to talk to an attorney to discuss your divorce case.  As I said before, in Colorado, the court system tries to make it possible to get a divorce without hiring an attorney.  But there’s a huge risk in doing that.  And even if you don’t hire an attorney to represent you, it’s helpful to at least spend an hour and a half with an attorney to talk about your case and talk about what your spouse is asking for.

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