Mediation is a way to resolve your case with minimal confrontation

When I mediate a divorce, child custody or family law case, I always prefer to put the parties in separate rooms so that they can speak frankly, in a closed door setting where there is no danger of saying something that will make it harder to resolve the case.  The fact that I can filter out all the comments and statements that would either embolden the other party, hurt their feelings, or otherwise make it more difficult to come together, ultimately makes it much easier to resolve the case entirely.

21But probably the best reason to separate the parties in a mediation session is so that each party can speak without having to confront the other person directly, as it will allow each person to speak their mind without having to be stifled by the other side.  It may be very hard to talk with your spouse about anything, but it is easy to talk to me.  Contact me to find out more about the mediation services that I can offer.

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