Honest Mediation

clouds-and-blue-sky-1429539183f3KHonesty in mediation is essential. That includes being honest with yourself about what you need and want. Taking time prior to meditation to really consider these issues is essential to having a productive mediation session. Yes, mediation can and will include some compromise, but there is no point to agree to something that simply won’t work and will only have you headed back to court in an attempt to modify it.

As a mediator, my goal is to have the parties take a realistic look at what life post divorce may look like. I want the parties to create a post-divorce world that they are able to live in. Mediation can help parties going through divorce to feel that they made the choices, instead of having decisions given to them that they have to follow. I understand that sometimes it can be very hard to try and visualize this, especially when the decision to divorce was not yours, but that is why I am here. I am happy to take the time needed to work with both parties until an agreement is met. However, the work you do on your own, prior to mediation, is essential. That is why I always offer clients the opportunity to fill out mediation intake forms prior to mediation. Further, I am always available by phone prior to and after mediation to answer any questions that may arise.

If you are considering mediation and live in the Denver area or surrounding suburbs, including Highlands Ranch, Castle Pines, Parker, Centennial, Littleton, and more, please call Heidi Town at the Attorneys of Highlands Ranch. I am here to help.