Co-Parenting Classes in Divorce Cases in Colorado

The Colorado courts in many counties, including Douglas, Arapahoe, and Jefferson counties, require that the parties to a divorce case involving children or a child custody case to take a one-time co-parenting class.  The judicial district will often have a pre-approved list of acceptable providers for the class.  In some cases, a person living out of the county or out of the state may take a substitute class or an online class.  The parties normally do not have to take the class at the same time.

When a co-parenting class is ordered, the court will usually not tolerate a party failing to take the class unless there is a good excuse for it.  There have been situations where a person has faced contempt of court proceedings for failure to cooperate with that requirement.

The co-parenting class is not to teach about child care.  It is to help people co-parent their children effectively when they are involved in a divorce or child custody case with the other parent(s).  Parties are often surprised about how much quality information they receive in these classes.

The co-parenting class is just one, of many, requirements that a person must comply with in order to get through the divorce, child custody, or family law process in Colorado.  If you have questions about the procedural requirements in your case, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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