High-asset Divorce Cases in Colorado

Some divorce cases in Colorado, and perhaps a large number of cases originating in Highlands Ranch, deal with spouses who own high value assets. High-asset divorce cases are a different animal from regular cases in a number of ways.

High-asset cases usually require more expert witnesses to be retained. Every asset, and debt, in a divorce case, should have a value allocated to it, and formal valuations of assets can be expensive and time consuming. Retaining valuations for businesses or real estate usually require large upfront retainers to be paid.

Experts may also be needed for forensic accounting or determining the incomes of one or both parties. Also, a high-asset case may involve inherited assets or some other claim of separate property, which could require further expert valuations to be done.

There are many other reasons to make sure you obtain quality, experienced representation if you are facing a high-asset divorce. If you are involved in a high-asset divorce or family law case and want to talk to a local Highlands Ranch lawyer, contact us today.

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