Suspending or Dismissing a Divorce Case in Colorado

If there is any chance that a marriage can reconcile, then filing for divorce may lower that chance.  However, it is still possible that a marriage can be reconciled after the divorce case is filed.

In Colorado, a divorce cannot enter for at least 92 days after the date of filing.  So there is an automatic period of time where the parties can possibly reconcile their marriage before the divorce decree enters.

Every county handles their divorce cases differently, and it is important for you to have an attorney that knows how the county typically addresses the situation that your case is in.  Also, every judge or magistrate handles specific issues in a different way.  But typically, if both sides agree, it is not difficult for a divorce case to be suspended for a period of time if the parties wish to try and reconcile their marriage.  Divorce cases can be costly and time consuming.  But marriage counseling could take a significant investment of time as well.  So it makes sense for a judge or magistrate to suspend a divorce case if the parties wish to reconcile.

Also, a court can allow a divorce case to be dismissed entirely if both parties agree to it, and it can make sense for a dismissal to happen if the parties want to focus their efforts on saving their marriage.  In such a case, all orders that are entered could be vacated entirely, and the parties would have to repay the filing fees in order to start a new case if the reconciliation does not work.

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