Ways to Reign In the Costly Divorce

In Colorado, the length and cost of a divorce case can range from minimal to extreme, and divorcing spouses can sometimes have little control over how lengthy or expensive their divorce may be, depending on what the other side of the case does, the decisions made by that parties’ attorney, or the particular docket status of the division that the case is in.

However, there are ways to help mitigate how costly a divorce case will turn out.  It is easier said than done, but one way centers on leaving the family and friends out of the loop. Friends and family will mean well.  They will offer advice and encouragement.  They will embolden the spouse to keep from being taken advantage of.  However, having friends and family “take sides” has the tendency to escalate the emotional turmoil that a party finds themselves in, in a divorce.

Another consideration is to have your attorney get you as prepared as possible and ready to jump through the necessary hoops efficiently.  Having your attorney prepare a timeline and let you understand the ways to avoid any unnecessary delay is essential in this process.

Most importantly, when the spouses are able to put aside their differences and work together to settle a divorce amicably, the parties themselves are able to control the case and keep it from getting out of hand.  In Colorado, the way the divorce process is handled by the district court, an amicable settlement is the best way to keep length of time and costs down.

If you reside in the southern Denver metro area, please contact your local Highlands Ranch attorney to assist you in your divorce, family law or child custody case.

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