Don’t Use the Ostrich Strategy

The “Ostrich Strategy” is a term used in many situations such as business or gaming, but it is often unfortunately a strategy used by people who are facing a divorce, child custody, or family law dispute. It comes from the myth that when an ostrich senses any danger that it will bury its head in the sand. 23When faced with a problem or conflict, the Ostrich Strategy is essentially to ignore the problem and pretend that it does not exist. This is never a good way to deal with a divorce, child custody or family law dispute. Yet a lot of people end up doing exactly that.
Why do so many people do this? I believe one major reason is that people don’t like confrontations. Confrontations take effort, and they can resort in even more hurt feelings or damaged emotions. People who are facing a divorce are generally already vulnerable, and want to avoid further conflict as much as possible.
Mediation is the answer to this dilemma. With mediation at the Attorneys of Highlands Ranch, the parties are split apart in separate rooms during the entire mediation and negotiation session, so that both parties can speak frankly and discuss the terms of a divorce, child custody or family law case without having to directly confront the other party.
With mediation, you can avoid resorting to the Ostrich Strategy and deal with the conflict knowing that you won’t have to deal with confrontation. Call Heidi Town to help you through this process.

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