Understanding the Terms of your Divorce

27If you are currently going through a divorce it is essential you understand the terms of any agreement you reach, whether it is through mediation or through attorney negotiations.
It can be an overwhelming process and if there are a lot of assets or children involved it only complicates matters. Attorneys may assume you are familiar with certain legal jargon, but if you are at all confused just ask! This goes with a mediator as well. Do not sign anything until you have a grasp on what your agreeing to. Or if what is written doesn’t make sense to you, ask the attorney or person writing the separation agreement to add an additional sentence that clearly states the agreement as you understand it to be. You do not want to have to litigate issues after the final decree as this can be expensive. Also some issues may be barred from further litigation after 180 days have passed.
There can be pressure from others or from within to just have it over with but having the divorce agreement as you want it to be is worth the extra time.

If you are currently dealing with a divorce here in Highlands Ranch please call the Attorneys of Highlands Ranch to learn more.

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