Temporary Orders in a Family Law, Divorce, or Child Custody Case

As you have probably heard before, the wheels of justice turn slowly. This can also be said for any family law, divorce, or child custody case. Oftentimes, this length of time between filing a case and having it resolved can put a huge strain on one or both of the parties in the meantime.

To help alleviate some of this potential strain, the Colorado legislature has enacted C.R.S. 14-10-108, which governs “Temporary Orders” in a family law case. In a pre-decree proceeding for divorce, legal separation, or allocation of parental responsibilities, either party may move for temporary orders.

These temporary orders by the Court go into effect immediately after being issued and can essentially help the parties deal with things that need to be addressed while the case is ongoing, such as the temporary payment of debts, the temporary use of property, temporary spousal maintenance, temporary child support, temporary parental responsibilities, and temporary payment of attorneys fees.

Parties can also request that the Court issue temporary orders excluding one party from the family home or from the home of the other party upon a showing that physical or emotional harm would result otherwise.

Many people are hesitant to open a court case because of how long it may take and for fear of what may happen to them or their loved ones financially or otherwise while the case is ongoing. Temporary orders are designed to be implemented by the court to help protect parties in those very situations, and oftentimes can effectively keep parties safe and financially afloat during the stress and difficulty of an ongoing court proceeding.

If you have questions about temporary orders, or any other family law questions, please feel free to reach out to TOWN & TOWN LLC. We are happy to take your call.

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