Courts Encourage Settlement of Cases

In many courts in Colorado, including Douglas County, settlement of cases and disputed issues without the court’s intervention is highly encouraged. It is normal for attorneys and/or parties to have to meet and discuss virtually every disputed issue before it is brought to the court’s attention.

Mediation is almost always a requirement as well. Courts believe that there is a great value to mediating a case, not only because a can may settle at the mediation session itself, but also because it sometimes “sets the parties up” for settlement later. Even if complete settlement does not occur, the parties can sometimes agree on minor issues which helps streamline the case and isolate the specific points of contention.

While often times parties want to have their “day in court”, courts always prefer the parties and their attorneys to resolve their differences by settling outside of court. That is generally better for everyone, because it is better for people and their attorneys to solve their own issues rather than rely on a person (the judge) who does not know the parties personally.

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