A Civil Protection Order (Restraining Order) Requires Immediate Action

In Colorado, a civil protection order gets set for a hearing to occur within two weeks from the date of the initial temporary protection order hearing. That is not very much time to adequately prepare for a contested hearing.

There are certain situations when such a hearing can be rescheduled. If both sides agree, a civil protection order hearing can be set out for up to a year, in which case the temporary protection order will continue for that entire time. If both sides don’t agree, then a civil protection order can be rescheduled for up to two weeks, one time only. This is not guaranteed, as the court can decide whether “good cause” exists to reset it.

Either way, because of the potentially short amount of time to prepare for the final permanent protection order hearing, it is important to contact an attorney immediately if you wish to have representation for this potentially life-altering proceeding.

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