Dealing with Child Abuse Charges

In Colorado, child abuse charges vary in possible penalties based upon the severity of the offense.  The possible penalties can vary because child abuse can be charged under one of many possible classes of felonies or misdemeanors.  The severity of the offense can depend on the level of injury to the child, as well as the culpability of the alleged offense (i.e., whether the criminal act is committed with negligence, recklessly, or knowingly).  There are many other factors in the statute affecting the possible penalties of the particular offense, and many specific ways that a case can be charged as a felony instead of a misdemeanor for similar types of alleged conduct.  The complexity of these issues can be better explained by an attorney that can review the facts of a particular case, to ascertain whether the charge was properly classified.

If you have been charged criminally with child abuse, you are not alone, and many people receiving such charges have been able to eventually get the case behind them.  Many people in Highlands Ranch, and throughout Colorado, get picked up on the charge.  But that does not mean that it won’t carry a severe penalty.  Misdemeanor child abuse can carry up to two years of jail, and/or a fine, and a long period of probation, among other effects.  Felony child abuse charges very greatly in the possible prison sentence, or other punitive sanctions.

If you have been arrested, charged with, or are suspected of committing child abuse, it is very important to speak with an attorney immediately.  The decisions a suspect makes in the beginning stages of a child abuse investigation by law enforcement will have a lasting effect on the case and may greatly effect whether the case is even provable, or what the severity of the charge will be.  If you have a question about your particular case, do not hesitate to call us to set a time to talk.

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