When One Child Custody Parent Wants to Leave the State

In many family law, divorce, or child cases in Colorado, both parents intend to remain in the same geographical area with one another.  Doing that allows the parties to have a parenting plan that has frequent, sufficient contacts between both parents and the children.  But in this day and age, especially people with certain type of jobs, there’s a risk that one parent will move to another state.  Sometimes these moves cannot be adequately planned for.

Creating a plan for when one parent decides to move to another state can be a daunting task.  It can be common for the parents to disagree about even the basic questions, such as, whether the child will move with the moving parent or not.  One parent pretty much has to be the primary custodian.  A 50/50 parenting plan is virtually unworkable.

In Colorado, the relocation of a parent to another state is something the Family Law Courts handle quite often.  There are numerous complex factors at work in handling a relocation case.  Strategic and tactical decisions can be very important at all stages of a post-decree relocation case in Colorado.  If you have any questions or seek legal advice about a Colorado divorce or family law relocation case, please contact us as soon as you can.

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