Family Law Cases in Douglas County, Colorado

34Family law, divorce, and child custody cases in Douglas County, Colorado are still being filed at record numbers and are congesting the court’s calendar.  It is continuing to take a long time for cases to go to a final hearing.  In the state of Colorado, a divorce case can be legally finalized 91 days after the date of filing and serving the other party.  But when the court’s schedule gets busy, contested hearings get set out far into the future.  Currently, some cases do not go to a final hearing until a year after the date of filing, and it gets even worse for cases that require hearings lasting multiple days.  On the other hand, if the parties settle their case, they can resolve it as soon as the separation agreement is filed, or once the 91st day passes, whichever is later.


This is one of the many reasons why parties should use every effort to settle their family law cases amicably without proceeding all the way to a contested hearing.  Heidi Town’s mediation services can help.  Contact her today.

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