Weekend Mediations

1111Heidi Town currently offers mediation services on the weekends.  She serves the entire front range of Colorado.

Weekend Mediation is essential for families looking to save money. By mediating your case you will save money on attorney fees. Many attorneys will charge thousands of dollars to handle your case through a final orders hearing. This does not include the personal cost to you of missing days of work for status conferences, temporary orders hearing, motions hearings, et cetera. Heidi wants to offer families a cost-effective divorce solution. By mediating your case on the weekend, you do not have to take additional days off work. You can resolve your case on your time.

Many people assume that they will have to pay a premium to resolve their divorce through weekend mediation but that is not true. In fact, Heidi offers some of the most affordable mediation rates available. Unlike the $200 or $300 dollar rates you see elsewhere, Heidi strives to make mediation affordable to everyone by charging only $125 an hour.

Contact us and discover what Heidi Town has to offer.